Risk Management Consultancy LGV Defensive Driver Training
Defensive Driver Training Ski Resorts
Minibus Risk Assessment Defensive Driver Training for Holiday Reps
Specialist Defensive Driver Training
At WRRS Solutions, we focus on specialist areas of defensive driver training. These are typically more complex and require greater levels of skill and knowledge. We offer training in areas that other companies do not cover.
Other Specialist Training
Training for a wide range of specialist vehicles, including training for the DSA tests for Agricultural Tractors (category F), Road Rollers (Category G) and Track Laying Vehicles steered by their tracks (category H) if required. (Categories G & H are separate and are not included in the ordinary car or LGV licences)

Track laying vehicles including:

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) such as tanks and APCs owned by collectors, or run by companies
  Plant machines including tracked excavators, dumpers and bulldozers

Very low ground pressure vehicles (e.g. Softrac)Road Rollers including steam and diesel rollers, - (deadweight or vibrating)

Agricultural tractors, particularly for 16-17 years old drivers who need to tow trailers or drive large tractors (over 2.45 metres wide)

Training is also available for Argocat low ground pressure/amphibious vehicle