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Minibus Risk Management
Although minibuses have a good safety record, they carry large numbers of people, including some of the most vulnerable members of society. There is a huge weight of responsibility on minibus operators to ensure vehicles are safe and well driven.

Widely used by local authorities, schools/colleges, and commercial organisations that regularly transport small groups of people, it is essential to ensure the vehicle is safe and the driver is correctly licensed, risk assessed and trained.

Many minibus drivers are not professional drivers but teachers, community workers or volunteers who generally just drive a car. They are often required to drive a minibus with little thought as to whether they are legally entitled to, or have the necessary skills and experience.

Employers and drivers often do not understand the complex licence rules and exemptions which, if not strictly complied with, results in unlicensed and, therefore, uninsured driving.
  Anyone who passed the car test after the end of 1996, which means most people under the age of about 30, and many above, will not have a PCV licence unless they have taken a DSA PCV Test.

These drivers can only drive a minibus by using, and complying with, the exemptions.

WRRS Solutions specialises in minibus risk management and training and is run by Edward Handley who has extensive minibus training experience and has conducted thousands of assessments for local authorities and other organisations.