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Minibus Risk Management
Although minibuses have a good safety record, they carry large numbers of people, including some of the most vulnerable members of society. There is a huge weight of responsibility on minibus operators to ensure vehicles are safe and well driven.

The Service:
Minibus assessment and training is a specialist area because there is so much at stake.
Minibus passengers are frequently vulnerable people who cannot drive themselves such as school children, the elderly, and people with special needs. Extra care is essential to ensure their safety.
But it is not just about safety. Drivers must be legally entitled to drive, must understand and adhere to any licence or exemption conditions, and must appreciate the impact of their driving on their passengers. They must also understand the extremely high corporate and social responsibilities imposed on both them and the vehicle operator and the greater repercussions if a minibus is involved in an incident, however minor.
An understanding of the organisation’s current situation and objectives
Agreement of required driver standards - what a suitable and safe standard is
Vehicle checks – safety, legal compliance, vehicle efficiency and presentation
Understanding of all controls
Rules and regulations – e.g. minibus speed limits, speed limiters, door locks, passenger seatbelts, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, tachograph rules etc
On road driver assessment – with corrective tuition
On road driver training – including appropriate passenger safety and comfort
Journey planning – including realistic times, breaks, safe use of SatNav etc
Non-driving activities – loading, luggage, roof racks, dropping off, tail-lifts etc
Taking a minibus abroad - rules and implications