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Risk Management Consultancy
Managing Occupational Road Risk should not be a complicated issue.

Managing Occupational Road risk has become an unnecessarily complicated issue, not just because of the added pressure of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, and the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008, but because of the diverse opinion surrounding these laws and how you should comply.

Far too many consultancy firms are attempting to profiteer through scare tactics, as well as trying to confuse the market place in order to create a need for their services. There is no need for this – managing work related road risk need not be difficult and done properly, makes sound financial sense as the return on investment in road safety is often over 250%.

At WRRS Solutions, we see our role as helping to simplify complex legislation, and provide straightforward and relevant advice – not the other way round.

We also tailor our consultancy and support to your organisation, drivers and vehicles. Some just need
  to be sure they are within the law. Others require far more robust and extensive risk management solutions. But what is true is that one hat certainly does not fit all.

Risk Management Services
Risk Audits – to assess your current situation and exposure
Occupational Road Risk Advice – unravelling the legal jargon and helping you reach appropriate decisions
Risk Assessments – online or in-person (depending on what is most suitable)
Policies and Procedures – reviewing / bringing up to date existing documentation, or producing new ones tailored to your organisation
Driver Handbooks – ensuring not only the content is correct, but that you have an auditable procedure to ensure each driver reads theirs
Workplace transport – safety audits, review of working procedures and training advice
Accident Investigation Studies – assisting you in the investigation and the preparation of key information for insurance claims or in the event of a police or HSE investigation