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Every year thousands of holiday reps are sent to ski resorts in Europe, North America and beyond, for the winter season, and many are required to drive as part of their duties.

Winter holiday operators should be increasingly aware of the Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety Offences Acts as these apply to UK companies and their employees – even if assigned to a role abroad.

Driving on the wrong side of the road, in the winter, on mountain routes and in countries where accident rates are much higher than the UK, many drivers are ill-equipped for the hazards when driving cars, vans, 4x4s and minibuses in these conditions.

Expecting untrained drivers to cope safely with winter conditions in the mountains or to carry your customers without frightening them, is not just asking for trouble, it would be legally indefensible if there was a serious accident. Carefully focused training by expert instructors on winter driving techniques, snow chain fitting, passenger safety and comfort, etc., improves driving standards,
  vehicle and journey reliability and makes a huge difference to your customers holiday experience.

The ‘work hard – play hard’ apres-ski culture can create a lethal cocktail of fatigue, alcohol and dangerous driving conditions. Most drivers do not appreciate the impact of alcohol or understand how long it stays in the body, nor the implications of lower drink – drive limits abroad.

Drivers unaccustomed to the conditions are responsible for disproportionate vehicle damage. This increases your costs and impacts on profitability - hirers frequently charge far more for repairs over a season than they do for hiring the vehicles. As most accidents are preventable, driver conversion and awareness training and our tailored safety presentations protect your customers, the company and the company's reputation and give an excellent return on investment