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Minibus Risk Assessment Defensive Driver Training for Holiday Reps
Defensive Driver Training in Ski Resorts
Every year thousands of holiday reps are sent to ski resorts in Europe, North America and beyond, for the winter season, and many are required to drive as part of their duties.

The Course:
Courses are tailored to suit company requirements, including house rules and procedures, and the countries in which they operate. Presentations are best given in resort but can be conducted in the UK before departure. Typical content includes:
Presentation of safe driving in winter resorts
The increased danger of driving abroad
How and why foreign roads are more dangerous
Driving larger vehicles - vans and minibuses
Local Highway Code and road rules
Safety equipment and vehicle preparation
Road signs and their meanings, including wordings
Techniques for safely driving on the right
Skid avoidance and control / Passenger care and comfort / how to avoid frightening passengers /
Alcohol awareness and the morning after
Safe vehicle recovery when stuck
Techniques for safe loading of luggage
Accident procedures
  In-Vehicle Training and Driver Assessment
Safe driving techniques in snow and ice, including driving with and without chains
Driving on mountain roads including hair-pin bends and poor surfaces
Hazard perception – including how to avoid meeting large vehicles on hair pin bends
Skid avoidance and the effects / correct use of ABS and ESC systems
Smooth vehicle handling and passenger comfort
Inspection of chains before use / correct fitting and tensioning / re-tensioning /
removal and storage
Driving with snow chains including techniques, speed limits, grip and the positive/negative effects they have driving uphill and downhill
Each delegate is normally given a comprehensive set of bound information and training notes. These can be personalised to suit company requirements and can include in house rules and procedures.