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At WRRS Solutions, we focus on specialist areas of defensive driver training. These are typically more complex and require greater levels of skill and knowledge. We offer training in areas that other companies do not cover.
Foreign drivers entering the UK.
Driving abroad is always challenging as road layout, rules and driving style are different, quite apart from having to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. This frequently results in serious disorientation.

For example, experienced drivers from the USA are confused by our roundabouts and not being allowed to turn left on a red light while European drivers are often more shocked by the volume of traffic on UK roads and our less 'relaxed' attitude.

A tailored approach is used based upon where the driver is from and what driving conditions they are used to which quickly builds the drivers' confidence and ensures they are prepared for UK driving conditions.
  Courses typically include:
UK Highway Code and driving rules
UK Road sign system and sign meanings
Driving on the left, the specific danger areas and how to avoid them
Judging and adjusting road position for right hand drive/driving on the left
Roundabouts and junction layouts – and the problem of looking the wrong way
Motorways, A roads, and minor roads - including the specific rules applicable
Policing and enforcement, including safety cameras, penalties and fines
Alcohol awareness and enforcement – high UK limit but severe penalties
Accident procedure, etc