Risk Management Consultancy LGV Defensive Driver Training
Defensive Driver Training Ski Resorts
Minibus Risk Assessment Defensive Driver Training for Holiday Reps
Specialist Defensive Driver Training
At WRRS Solutions, we focus on specialist areas of defensive driver training. These are typically more complex and require greater levels of skill and knowledge. We offer training in areas that other companies do not cover.
Trailers / Towing
Training courses for the DSA car and trailer (B+E) test for post 1997 licence holders.

Training also available for medium goods vehicles with trailers (C1+E), minibus and trailer (D1+E) and LGVs and PCVs with trailers (C+E and D+E).

Training also available for drivers with the full licence who want to learn to tow safely and efficiently.

Suitable for all trailer types including horse boxes, caravans, luggage or box, catering, boat & canoe, car & plant trailers etc
  Courses typically include
Licence requirements and exemption rules
Techniques for safe driving
Avoidance of vehicle damage and premature wear
Safe manoeuvring and reversing techniques
Safe trailer and vehicle loading for stability and load security
Coupling, uncoupling and securing the trailer and its load
Implications for the tachograph & drivers hours regulations
Towing trailers abroad.