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Defensive Driver Training for Holiday Reps
Every year thousands of holiday reps are sent to locations across Europe, and beyond, to work through the summer season.

Courses are tailored to suit company requirements and the countries staff will be working in. Presentations are best given in resort but can be conducted in the UK before departure.
Presentations These typically include:
The increased risk when driving abroad
Local highway code, rules and road signs / meanings
Customer care and the impact of your driving on their holiday experience
The psychology of foreign drivers – how attitudes affect road safety
Adapting to hazardous road conditions
Safe vehicle loading - the dangers
Alcohol - the effects, local limits - the morning after
Local knowledge and information - road tolls
Vehicle checks, preparation, safety and reliability
Hire cars - fault spotting and unnecessary charges
Journey planning, maps and safe use of SatNavs
Accident procedures - legal compliance and minimising costs
  In–Vehicle Training and Driver Assessments
These are best provided abroad in the resort or local area, covering typical routes and road types.
Licence checks (unless completed by the company)
Practical checks and preparation - vehicle, safety equipment, cleanliness etc
Vehicle controls and operation – of a left hand drive vehicle
Avoiding needless damage - tyres, sills, bodywork, knocks and scrapes
Techniques for ‘changing your natural instincts’ – avoiding errors and lapses
Coping with local conditions - driving styles, poor roads, tunnels, dust, etc
Manoeuvring and parking - techniques for avoiding expensive body damage
Carrying passengers - safety, comfort and the effects of personal driving style
Safe loading and unloading - passengers and luggage