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Edward Handley is renowned for his expertise in the LGV sector.

Driver Assessor Training
In-company assessors are one of the keys to maintaining and improving driving standards in any organisation. Our tailored training courses ensure that Assessors understand what their organisation wants to achieve, and how their role ensures standards are met. Courses typically include:
The principles of assessing
The driver licensing system and the correct procedures for checking licences
How to spot clues to misleading or fake licences
How to read and understand foreign driving licences
Setting, agreeing and maintaining appropriate standards
The implications of setting the wrong standard – too high or too low
Assessment techniques
Observation and fault recognition skills
Effective report writing
  Licence Checking (as a specific course)
Licence checking is often done by a secretary, PA or office manager, who has never been given training on the licensing system or understanding licences. Incorrectly identified categories, fake licences, or just failing to understand restriction codes and exemptions can all lead to unlicensed, and therefore uninsured, driving with company approval and on company business. This leaves you vulnerable to prosecution for a wide range of offences from ‘causing or permitting’ an offence right through to corporate manslaughter.
The course ensures that individuals responsible for licence checking know what to look for. It provides robust checking processes that avoid missing key information, and explains the categories, restriction codes, exemptions, critical dates and how to spot fakes, or someone just trying to conceal endorsements.